Friday, 6 April 2012


I was told that Ethiopia would be colder than I expected. Even though they told me that, it’s colder than I expected! I packed a couple of pairs of shorts and three very light short-sleeved shirts, but I have put them away and don’t think I will be wearing them.

The mornings are cool and grey. Long pants and a couple of layers on top are required. After a couple of hours the sun comes out and it gets maybe into the very low 20s, so you only need one layer on top. It’s the season of the little rains, so afternoon or evening showers are common, and you need to carry a waterproof. Last night we got caught in a downpour and got completely soaked.

The woman who cleans our apartment also does our washing, so that makes life easy. I could have done with packing a couple more sweat-shirt type clothes, but I can get the stuff I have brought laundered easily and may look to get something locally.

Actually, the weather is really pleasant and suits me nicely. It’s not too hot, which I would have hated, and the rains make everything fresh and clean, and get rid of some of the dust and smog.

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