Sunday, 1 April 2012

As good as flying gets

I am at the gate at Pearson Airport. Got my bags checked in and my boarding pass issued by Lufthansa within 15 minutes of being dropped off at Terminal 1. I'd call that typical Germanic efficiency, but my daughter would call me a  racist.

The bags weighed 21 and 22 kg, against a maximum allowance of 23 kg. My little electronic luggage scales predicted that exactly. They have paid for themselves many times over!

Another half hour saw me through security with no glitches and nothing confiscated.

Now I have found a fairly comfy seat, uncovered a flap on the floor, and connected to the free airport WiFi Network.

My flight is said to be on time, and I already have my boarding pass for the Frankfurt-Addis portion.

Its about as good as flying ever gets. So far, so good.

21 hours till I arrive in Addis....

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