Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Arrival in Addis

Its going to be difficult to keep this blog up to date and keep in touch.
Its $5 for thirty minutes Internet Access here at the Addis Hilton.
Its 75c for a text message to Canada, $2.45 a minute to call Canada.

All is well. Arrived on time, changed some money, fairly efficient passport check (they took my photo!), a bit of a wait for luggage, then out of the controlled area with no baggage check at all. Got met just as I was heading to the washroom. Twenty minute ride to our apartment. Spacious but basic – only one working shower between the two apartments for four of us. Everyone was awake to greet me.

Got given a phone and told to call when I woke up. Unfortunately I can’t find the phone numbers of any of the people I am supposed to call programmed into the phone! Once I get on the Internet I can look that up. Meanwhile I remembered the way to a coffee shop, so after a shower and shave I headed there for a coffee and croissant. Checked in with the Canadian Embassy then got a cab downtown to the Hilton. Had a coke and am now going to check my email, then will try and find the rest of the gang.

Everyone is very relaxed and friendly, there was no question of me going in to work today. Addis is a bit bigger, more crowded, and more rough and ready than Kigali, it looks a lot more African. However, lots of people (like the cab driver) speak good English.

That will have to do for now. 

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