Monday, 30 April 2012

Djibouti 2

This is more my kind of Africa.

Well, apart from the heat. I would be exaggerating if I said that as I walked sweat dripped from each of my fingers, but it is pretty close to that!

View from bedroom window

Got up at 7:30, had a shower, had breakfast – fresh juice, omelette, baguette with jam and Lurpak butter, coffee – and headed out. By 10:30 I was back in the Hotel for a shower. Now it is noon and I am back for my third shower and I think I will hang out in the airconditioning for a couple of hours to avoid the mid-day sun.

Pretty much done the town. Went to the bank and changed some more money, as tomorrow is a holiday. Went to a tour shop and booked a one day trip to Moucha Island  for tomorrow. Bought a couple of postcards and stamps.  Found a nice French restaurant – Le Poirier – for dinner.  Went to the supermarket and bought about 4 litres of various liquids. They sell meat the way it should be, shrink wrapped on polystyrene trays, European brands of jam, Lays French Fries with Arabic labels, and Activia yoghourt at $10 for four.

Bought a wallet to replace the one that was stolen and a pair of flip-flops to replace a pair that are falling apart.

Went to the main market, which was amazing! Incredibly picturesque, but they did not like me taking photos so I stopped and just looked. Its dirty and packed enough to feel African, but not so decrepit or congested to feel threatening, especially when you only bring $30 in cash with you!  It covers maybe five or six city blocks and is sorted of organized. Electronics in one area, restaurants in another, sarongs here, shoes there. I was looking at sarongs, but 75% of them, including all the nicest ones, are made in Indonesia and I would prefer to buy one made in Djibouti.

 I  cant find the adapter to connect my camera to my computer so I cant see or post my pictures. If it does not turn up after my siesta I am sure I can find someone to sell me a replacement. (I found it!)

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