Sunday, 22 April 2012


Had a great weekend, flying to Lalibela to see the churches. Went through the Saturday Market, stayed in a great hotel - Mountain View.
The flight back to Addis left an hour early and arrived five minutes before it was due to take off!
Wandered in search of a minibus to take us back to the apartment, even though the cab fare was 150 birr, about $10. Not sure why we did that and it turned out to be a dumb decision. The minibus area at the foot of Bole road is a bit of a sketchy area, like any bus terminal anywhere, so I was keeping a keen eye on my belongings. We found the right minibus and jumped on. Three teenagers were also trying to get on at the same time. I stood on a woman's foot,while  trying to undo the waist band of my backpack to hold it in front of me. The teenage boys decide to get off the bus, which I thought nothing about until I realized the women who's foot I had stepped on was saying "mobile". Got out and realised my wallet and Canadian Samsung mobile phone were gone. Damn!
At least I had taken my passport out of my pocket and put it in my pack. The wallet contained about $100 US and about 500 birr, maybe 30 bucks, and my Visa card.
Went back tot he apartment and managed to use Skype to cancel the Visa card and phone. Its also password protected so hopefully they cannot access any of the data.
Guess now I have to try to report it top the local police so I can make an insurance claim.

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