Monday, 26 March 2012

No flight!

Just spent an interesting 45 minutes with a very kind travel agent (shout out to Romina at the Bayview Ave Flight Centre!).

Even though the booking was nothing to do with her, she looked through the documentation and called Ethiopian Airlines on my behalf. She got through to a gentleman called Boris in India. He said that the flight was still booked  under the last name "Loa", first name "Oystons". He said that there was nothing I could do about that, as it's not my ticket! I did not pay for it, and it's not got my name on it!

He said that the people who issued the ticket could cancel it and buy a new one in the correct name, for a $300 penalty.

I have let the people in Ethiopia know it is their responsibility to fix this.

I was going to spend tonight going over my packing, but my heart is not in it when I don't have a ticket to go!

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